Best Colorful Krobo Bead Bracelets

The recent cold spell and gloomy, winter like weather just might be the culprits for my interest in seeking out stylish and colorful, Krobo bead bracelets. They are exciting pieces and perfect go to accessories for kicking it up a notch! Check out some of the varieties available at Nopoku.   These KisuaG krobo bracelets can be purchased here: Krobo Beads Bracelets   Written By : … Continue reading Best Colorful Krobo Bead Bracelets

Are Waist Beads Solely for Skinny Women?

It is fair to state that the West has always been and always will be obsessed with svelte looking women. Juxtapose this obsession with the West-African perception of beauty, and you will arrive at the conclusion that, “Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder!” In Ghana, for instance, being voluptuous is deemed ideal. Woe unto the lady who doesn’t possess ample breasts, hips … Continue reading Are Waist Beads Solely for Skinny Women?

Chale Wote Street Art Festival – 2016

This years’ Chale Wote Street Arts Festival was lively, fun and spirited – in every sense of the word. It is often stated that creativity frees the spirit and livens the soul. Does it come as a surprise that creative spirits from various sectors merged together in this highly anticipated street festival? Obviously not. Featured artists displayed their talent by partaking in street painting, graffiti … Continue reading Chale Wote Street Art Festival – 2016

How to Prepare Atsumoh , Chinchin(West-African Pastry)

Atsumoh is a type of pastry that goes by different names among the various West-African countries. For instance, among Nigerians, it is referred to as chinchin. It is reflective of West-African culture where food is concerned. This pastry is crispy and crunchy with a sweet taste. Usually, it is served as a snack during festivities such as birthday parties, christmas parties, naming ceremonies, etcetera. Recently, … Continue reading How to Prepare Atsumoh , Chinchin(West-African Pastry)

Minimalist Styling – African Themed Bags

Bags, Bags and Bags. They come in a variety of textures, shapes, sizes and names – Purses, Totes, Hobos and Shoulder bags – just to name a few. These are staples most of us can’t do without! For the minimalist, function and durability are essential. This is why we came up with a couple of bags that get the work done. Each of these African … Continue reading Minimalist Styling – African Themed Bags

Meet Ray the Artist!

Like a ray of sunlight, Ray brightens homes, galleries, shops and offices with his artistic gift. He is introspective as he is bold. Daring to venture into the unknown, and creating pieces that often leave an indelible impression on spectators and clients happens to be his signature trait. Given the birth name Emmanuel Apraku by his parents, he began exhibiting his artistic talent as a … Continue reading Meet Ray the Artist!