Fashion Tourism as a Vehicle for Economic Growth in Ghana

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that has contributed massively to the economic growth of countries in the western hemisphere. An observation of the fashion capitals of the world (Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid and Tokyo) can reveal the huge impact of fashion on a country’s economy.  The evolving fashion landscape in Ghana is indeed a fascinating phenomenon. Also, … Continue reading Fashion Tourism as a Vehicle for Economic Growth in Ghana

African Inspired Fall Staples

Pair this stunning ankara kimono with pants for a contemporary look. An over-sized tote featuring faux leather and geometric prints is the perfect accessory to complete your look ! 3.This chunky, exotic , krobo bead statement necklace exudes excitement and elegance. Incorporate it into your look for a novel twist !   4. With its’ rich colors and patterns, this striking maxi skirt can be … Continue reading African Inspired Fall Staples

African Inspired Handbag Collection

Handbags are multi-functional pieces. Not only do they keep items organized but they also add an electrifying appeal to the total look (thanks in no part to the different shades and prints available!) of an individual. Fashionistas and style conscious women are incorporating these pieces into their look and creating amazing style statements in the process. Check out some extraordinarily classy and elegant  statement pieces … Continue reading African Inspired Handbag Collection

Top 5 African Accessories that Transform an Outfit Instantly

You don’t need a million dollar budget , you don’t need to be a style guru and you don’t need to be a resident of the fashion capitals in the world, in order to look fabulous. Incorporating accessories into your look can give you that extra punch and sass ! Check out the photo gallery below for exciting and creative ideas.   Written by Sherita Continue reading Top 5 African Accessories that Transform an Outfit Instantly

6 Ankara Head Wrap Styles

It’s Summer and much as I love the warmth and exciting possibilities that it comes along with, sweaty tresses aren’t welcome in my books. What is a girl to do under such circumstances ? ” light bulb moment …. draw some inspiration from Mama Africa!” In the motherland, most women have mastered the art of wearing hair scarves since they serve many purposes ! The … Continue reading 6 Ankara Head Wrap Styles

Unleashing The Authentic You Through Fashion !

Most of the time, some of us experience the “herd syndrome” . So focused are we on following specific trends that they end up becoming our holy grail. As such, we put in a great amount of energy trying to imitate these looks  regardless of whether they fit our body type. We don’t even pause to find out if the type of clothing chosen works … Continue reading Unleashing The Authentic You Through Fashion !

Enthralling Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Expressing your appreciation to the man who raised you and contributed to who you are today, should not be a Machiavellian feat. Granted, most men are simple beings. Their simplistic nature can also make it challenging to find a gift that is simultaneously thoughtful and useful. Bearing this fact in mind, we have decided to offer some support during this “trying” moment of your life … Continue reading Enthralling Fathers Day Gift Ideas