Meet Kingsley Twum-Danso of Uptick Systems

 Members of the African Diaspora in the United States have gained increased attention in recent years – mostly due to the impact of their economic contribution to the economy. They can be found engaging in various industries and sectors across state lines. Some are trail blazers – serving as role models and impacting their communities through their tireless and dedicated service. I had the opportunity … Continue reading Meet Kingsley Twum-Danso of Uptick Systems

Interview with Danny Arthurz

As humans, we have been endowed with traits and characteristics that make us unique. Though some people are aware of their gifts, others remain oblivious to theirs. Danny Arthurz (named Daniel Arthur at birth), on the other hand,  happens to be a gifted young man with a sense of  awareness – gift wise :). This sense of awareness informed his decision to venture into the … Continue reading Interview with Danny Arthurz

Meet Ray the Artist!

Like a ray of sunlight, Ray brightens homes, galleries, shops and offices with his artistic gift. He is introspective as he is bold. Daring to venture into the unknown, and creating pieces that often leave an indelible impression on spectators and clients happens to be his signature trait. Given the birth name Emmanuel Apraku by his parents, he began exhibiting his artistic talent as a … Continue reading Meet Ray the Artist!

Tête–à–tête with Alfie

I arrived, I interacted, I changed. If ever I entertained any doubt about the power of team work, that doubt was laid to rest the moment I stepped into the creative space of Alfie. The brand, Alfie is co-founded and managed by two warm and radiant women – mother and daughter duo. Join me as I unravel the nuances behind their success in the interview … Continue reading Tête–à–tête with Alfie

By the Fireside with KisuaG II

Geraldine Brace, Founder of KisuaG is an intense, passionate, ardent and prolific creative spirit. She is also reticent and introverted. The fashion industry in Ghana is growing, expanding and seems to have gained intense momentum. KisuaG along with other iconic brands are contributing to this shifting landscape. The interview below sheds further insights about Geraldine, affectionately referred to as P.P. – Passionate Pearl by friends … Continue reading By the Fireside with KisuaG II