Kundum Festival of the Ahantas

Kundum, a harvest and religious festival, is celebrated by the Ahantas of  Ghana. People of the Ahanta tribe reside in the western region of Ghana. It is believed that the Kundum festival was first celebrated in the 16th century through the initiative of  Akpoley, a rather adventurous farmer. Legend has it that one day, Akpoley decided to go hunting for food. Akpoley loved the forest … Continue reading Kundum Festival of the Ahantas

Enthralling Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Expressing your appreciation to the man who raised you and contributed to who you are today, should not be a Machiavellian feat. Granted, most men are simple beings. Their simplistic nature can also make it challenging to find a gift that is simultaneously thoughtful and useful. Bearing this fact in mind, we have decided to offer some support during this “trying” moment of your life … Continue reading Enthralling Fathers Day Gift Ideas